NUNHEX Disruptive Deception TOUR Tallahassee

Woke up in Nola on a Sunday morning, Alex and Nico both mummys next to me, we finally fell asleep around 7am, sun was out already. Wrapped up my sleeping bag and belongings, made sure I didn't loose anything, stepped into the kitchen and sipped on some coffee with almond milk. In New Orleans, Nunhex was housed by April, vocalist in Bitchface (check it out!!!) but about our Nola adventures will talk later on...

Once again went to The Waffle House. "Hashbrowns, capped, diced, smothered." And now comes the most terrifying episode of the tour. On the way out from the Nola on the highway we saw death, well not really. This asshole passed us and started gesticulating -maybe we went too slow on a fast lane I guess that would be a be reason- but still after more gesturing the fucker presses his breaks for us to slam in him and cause an accident, not once but three times, and thanks to Alex on the wheel we made it out with only a scare. And for the record Spazz was like 'stop the fucking car!'.

Nothing extraordinary happened till Tallahassee, the drive went smooth, played chess with Gordo and kicked his ass. Last stop on tour was at the The Shark Tank a house in Tally where kids in the backroom play videogames. There were push animals everywhere on the floor. Before the show started we had a feast with vegan thanksgiving leftovers brought by Jack, vocalist in Highly Violent and also member of Ex-Breathers!