Nunhex trashin' all around Miami

Nunhex is up to a big year, that means mainly playing as much as possible shows, everywhere, in respectable venues, in bars, in houses, doesn't matter where, they will play.
Nunhex at Grand Central Miami

This month of January they played 4 shows in total. On the 16th, Friday traveled to Lake Worth, about an hour away from Miami, for a house shows with all bands from 305 area, Sponge was there selling there selling shirts for $8, fucking kids just wanna get rich, haha, Swereslutz a new Miami band was there too, also Speculum, Suicide Ritual with Raul wearing a sleeveless tee and looking sharp, Scum Punch another new band played first while the mic still worked. Most of the bands had a bad day, vocals were dead after the first 3 bands, some got pissed cause of it, some didn't care at all. There's was barbecue outside, even vegan options in their kitchen, the lady of the house Dee was vegan and made an amazing chocolate cake. Everyone had fun, fights broke out, a dude almost knocked over the grill to the horror of everyone around.

On Wednesday 21st, Nunhex welcomed Torche and Municipal Waste to Grand Central, along Wrong and Night Birds. First time on the big stage, with a damn barricade in front, made Alex jump it into the crowd at some point and Nico almost fell of.

In two days, on Friday, Nunhex went to the beach, for their first show in Sobe. Snakehole, Wastelands came along, plus three bands from LA -Period Bomb, Two Moons and Snow Wite-, there was a packed show at Kill Your Idol, with a guitar smashed, crowd surfing, and with Brian Butler present immortalizing the moment.

On Saturday, the 24th, Nunhex played in Churchill's, a hardcore show with Bane headlining and Eternal Sleep, Aversion, Guilty Conscience who announced the release of their first 7".

Next week on February 4th Nunhex plays a show at The International Noise Conference, after that will head west to Houston for Bad Ass Weekend, February 27 - March 1st, also they are on the bill for Torche's Miami show release of their new record, Restarter.