Reviews: Act of Impalement(Nashville), Violent Reaction(UK), Red Death(DC), Tetragrammaton(Miami)

Act of Impalement 
by Manny Gomez

Act Of Impalement-Hyperborean Altar cassette

Hailing from Nasheville, this trio produces a blend of sludge/black metal crust that is pretty unique. You can go from hypnotic head banging to full on moshing in just a few beats. As you can tell by the bands moniker and simple, stark and appropriately handmade imagery this going be a full on medieval blackened audio assault as well. And of course the title is a straight up allusion to the mighty Conan the Barbarian (Hyperborea is just north of Cimera, Conan’s home!). Brutal. Epic. Dirty. This is the kinda shit that was made to be on analog tape. Favorite track: “No Viking Funeral for Betrayers”. Get it now, out on No Work Records.

Listen here.
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Violent Reaction-Dead End cassette

I happened to catch these furious dudes when they jumped the pond and brought their tour with fellow UK punks The Flex, to the states. All I can say is that the British boys are bringing the old school hardcore sound back with a fury! This tape features 6 songs of pure UKHC with an unabashed D.C style American hardcore influence (think Faith, S.O.A, and of course MINOR THREAT). These guys have a few releases out now, and a forthcoming one on the might Revelation Records. This six song piece of analog fury is available now on Painkiller Records.

Listen here.

Red Death-self titled cassette

Sometimes the best things just fall on your lap (or in this case handed to you by a thoughtful friend). I had never heard of Red Death until my good friend brought back this tape from this year’s Damaged City fest. Holy shit this is good.  It looks good too. Simple D.I.Y. art work and packaging that is just perfect. But back to the sound. It’s like someone took classic D.C. style hardcore and told the vocalist to “sing a little bit death metal” and somehow something new was born. The band includes a member of Coke Bust, so there’s a pedigree too. No matter though, this band is sure to make a name on its own and open up plenty of mosh pits.

Listen here.

Tetragrammaton-Descendere cassette

I’ve seen this guys play their unique black metal plenty of times, and had always wanted to hear a full on release (they do have an awesome previous split out with Nuclear Hellfrost).  The EP is finally here, and delivers on the same dark, moody, blanketing atmosphere that has made their live shows so entrancing. The tape is clean and sleek looking too. Just nice total package. Do yourself a favor, sit in the dark, get stoned and listen to this. Out now on Dying God Records.

Listen and get it here.